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Symptoms of pregnancy

Some women will have symptoms from the first days after conception, even before a delay in their periods ; others a few weeks or months later, and still others have no symptoms at all.

The main symptoms of pregnancy are:

- Menstrual delay
- Breast tenderness or swelling
- Nausea, dizziness
- Fatigue, drowsiness
- More frequent urination
- Stretching in the lower abdomen
- Weight gain or loss
- Mood changes
- "Feeling pregnant"

Certain pregnancy symptoms can resemble premenstrual syndrome (PMS). With a late period, it is better to wait until it is 5 days late before taking a pregnancy test, so the results will be conclusive.

It is important for a woman to pay attention and listen to herself if she thinks she may be pregnant, or feels pregnant, even if she uses contraception (such as the pill) or continues bleeding. Some women continue to have bleeding every month when pregnant, though usually a smaller amount